CADRE has years of heavy industry experience. We work with global mining, heavy equipment companies and manufacturers to produce safety, maintenance and operations programs. We've produced above and below ground productions for client's including MSHA. 

CADRE combines new age intelligence with past performance industry knowledge and years of project wisdom.  As innovative Subject Matter Experts, we are pioneering new technologies by developing products and services that eliminate the need for manual process procedures, costly paper documentation, re-work, redundancies and outdated processes. We help do more with less.        



CADRE provides interactive solutions that delivers visability by using ruggedized mobile devices across safety, maintenance and operations.  Our development methodology focuses on your best practices visual technologies. By eliminating overhead, associated with paper processes, we can help eliminate redundancies and lag-time delays for acclerating performance.



CADRE has worked across numerous markets including mining, mobile equipment, electrical utilities and nuclear energy, petro-chem, steel production, waterways barging and manufacturing. Our variety of knowledge, combined with process improvement and visual production skills, make us uniquely qualified to reduce our overhead while improving your business performance with "time to market" acceleration.  

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